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Areas of Focus

Mike Huber’s greatest contribution and gift is his amazing ability to serve and bring perspective in very difficult circumstances. Mike has been uniquely wired to walk into messy situations that others run from. In addition to his credentials as a therapist, Mike has over 20 years of experience working as a church leader and a pastor. He has a unique blend of clinical skill and the intuitive knowledge that 20 years of church ministry has forged. Mike Huber offers his service to churches, families, and individuals.

To churches - Where do you turn when confronted with a seemingly destructive, non-recoverable ministry event? Mike's passion and experience is moving into traumatic, toxic, and often emotionally chaotic, situations to bring understanding, healing and growth for organizations and church systems. Mike serves and assists churches with the most difficult of situations. Whether that be an impending church split (or post split dynamics), dysfunctional staff situations or moral failure in leadership. Mike is a specialist in bringing back ministry direction when the credibility of church leadership has been shaken or destroyed.

"Mike is one of the most uniquely gifted men I know. He embodies an incredible combination of courage, discernment and empathy. He brings those abilities into very difficult circumstances that few know how to address little less solve. If your church is facing a confusing and difficult staff situation, get in touch with Mike today. If your church is facing the possibility of a split, get on the phone and contact Mike. If one of your pastors has made a lousy moral decision that has created chaos and distrust, bring Mike in to help. He is truly a stabilizing presence that can get your church back moving ahead with healing and direction."
Dan Webster - Founder, Authentic Leadership, Inc

To families - Mike meets families in chaos and helps them walk to freedom. As a crisis interventionist Mike is an incredible counselor, guide and therapist. Mike specializes in helping families that have experienced molestations, rapes, murders and death...and aids them as they move to healing and peace. He evaluates dysfunctional systems and helps people understand how to move from frustration and pain to ways of connecting with each other to move forward.

"I have worked with Mike for 10 years and know first hand the insights that he has into the human soul. His counseling with our clients has helped the dysfunctional family to communicate better; the addict to embrace recovery; and the depressed client to see themselves more through Gods eyes than their own. I would highly recommend Mike to you as a person who can help facilitate the needed change in your organization"
Thomas Whiteman, PhD
Christian Psychologist, Author

To individuals - As a therapist, Mike specializes in a wide range of issues such as eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, ADD and trauma survivors. Mike does both organizational and individual consulting. He is a coach to people who want to achieve a more focused, balanced relationship and a more intentional, purposeful life. Mike helps people move from living out of old scripts to learning to live out of a new script written by God.


Quality therapy provided by therapist Mike Huber at our beautiful NJ office. Providing a wide array of therapy including Individual Therapy, Anger Management, Self Esteem - Life Transitions, Child Therapy, Social Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Grief or Bereavement, Depression, Health Anxiety or Hypochondria, Anxiety - Panic Attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Compulsive Disorders - Addictions, Suicide and many other areas. All of this available in our convenient office in Somers Point, NJ.

Mike Huber, LPC.      108 Central Avenue, Ocean City, NJ  08226         609.937.6798        mike@mikehuberlpc.com
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