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New England Youth Pastor molestation investigation
intitaialy 6 high school boys over a three year period. Eventually over 25 other victims and families idenditified and
counseled. 3 years of monthly weekend visits, weekly phone calls, and daily email followup.

DBC wouldn't be where it is today without the time - energy and professional expertise that you gave to our church family. I believe you were an agent sent by God for a time.

Our congregation was at its lowest point. Years of deception had finally been revealed. The illusion of trust had been broken by a self absorbed youth pastor who had destroyed years of trust and growing relationships to satisfy his own sinful needs. Families had been betrayed and our church community was stunned - broken and angry at the sin and deception. Would our church survive? Could it survive?

God intervened and it was through mutual friends that Mike Huber was introduced to us. The biblical wisdom - sensitivity and counselor's heart that Mike brought to our church community was exceptional. God used Mike to begin the process of healing to our wounded community. He taught us tools for continued healing and care based upon God's Word. This journey was not easy. It was a struggle. It would have been much easier to walk away. His counsel offered hope - and support to me personally. I am thankful that God sent His servant Mike to draw alongside of our church family during a very dark time. It is with extreme gratitude that I write these thoughts about a counselor that became a friend. Things are much brighter now. Our congregation will never be the same again but it has grown - changed and has been refreshed. Our journey continues and I can now say that we are thankful for the deep valley that we have traversed because the view from the mountain top is beautiful! Mike is a humble, faithful servant and I highly recommend his services for healing kingdom work.

Rev. Kenneth Monahan
Sr. Pastor
Dover Baptist Church






Quality therapy provided by therapist Mike Huber at our beautiful NJ office. Providing a wide array of therapy including Individual Therapy, Anger Management, Self Esteem - Life Transitions, Child Therapy, Social Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Grief or Bereavement, Depression, Health Anxiety or Hypochondria, Anxiety - Panic Attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Compulsive Disorders - Addictions, Suicide and many other areas. All of this available in our convenient office in Somers Point, NJ.

Mike Huber, LPC.      108 Central Avenue, Ocean City, NJ  08226         609.937.6798        mike@mikehuberlpc.com
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